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Pittsburgh Executive and Employment Contract Attorneys

Although Pennsylvania is an at-will employment state, many companies might require an employee to enter into a contract that outlines the employment relationship. These types of agreements can address an employee’s responsibilities, the terms of compensation, the forum to resolve disputes, and permissible grounds for termination. An executive contract can be even more complex and include specific provisions for severance pay, retirement, healthcare benefit plans, and stock options.

When you sign an executive or employment contract, both parties must adhere to the terms. If your employer violated any part of the agreement, you may be entitled to recover your damages. At Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling LLC, we understand your employment contract is more than simply a document to you — it gives you a sense of security that you are working for an employer who respects you personally and professionally. Our attorneys provide skillful representation for a wide range of employment contract matters to help ensure your interests are safeguarded.

Diligent Counsel for Employment Contract Negotiation and Litigation

The seasoned employment attorneys at Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling have deep insight regarding the legal and professional implications of executive contracts and employment agreements. We represent individuals — including executives, physicians, and other professionals — who are entering, exiting, or renewing employment contracts with employers of all sizes. We also offer counsel to individuals whose employers breach or threaten to breach an employment agreement.

In our executive and employment contract practice, we assist clients with the following:

  • Negotiating employment contracts and extrication agreements
  • Litigating rights under an employment contract
  • Providing counsel for executive compensation issues
  • Advising regarding non-compete agreements
  • Litigating non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants
  • Negotiating and litigating disputes concerning termination for cause
  • Litigating breach of employment contract matters

Critically, once an employment contract has been executed, it becomes legally binding on both parties — before you sign any agreement, it’s essential to carefully review the terms with an experienced attorney. At Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling, we will meticulously evaluate any contract presented by your employer to ensure it provides you with adequate protection. We will thoroughly explain each provision and advise you regarding the pros and cons of entering into the agreement. If we identify any unfair items in the contract, our attorneys will work with you to seek more favorable terms on your behalf.

Aggressive Advocacy for Executive and Employment Contract Violations

Unfortunately, not all employers are willing to uphold their promises and honor the contract they entered into with you. When an employer breaches an executive or employment contract, you may suffer significant economic damages arising from loss of employment, compensation, bonuses, or benefits. In the event your employer disregards their obligations under the terms of the contract, you may be eligible to pursue legal and equitable remedies.

While Pennsylvania follows the doctrine of employment at will, executive and employment contracts often contain clauses that specify the duration for employment and the grounds for termination. Such provisions can modify the default rule of at-will employment and protect an employee from being fired for any reason, or no reason at all. If your employer terminated you in breach of your agreement, you may be entitled to recover your lost earnings pursuant to the contract. Bear in mind, however, that a court will expect you to take measures to mitigate your damages by seeking other employment.

If you have experienced the financial loss and uncertainty that can come with an employer violating the employment contract you relied upon, it’s crucial to stand up for your rights. By taking legal action, you may be able to recover compensatory damages for your lost earnings, benefits, and other monetary losses. You might also be awarded liquidated damages, attorneys’ fees, and expectation damages for the pay you anticipated — had it not been for the breach. Depending on the circumstances, an equitable remedy, such as specific performance of the contract or reinstatement to your position, might also be available.

At Stember Cohn Davidson-Welling, we are committed to resolving breach of employment contract matters as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our employment attorneys are adept courtroom advocates and skilled negotiators. Developing a customized strategy in each case, our legal team works tirelessly to achieve a favorable outcome for every client.

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