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Non-Competes / Restrictive Covenants

Pennsylvania employees whose job involves some aspect of trade secrets and confidential or proprietary business information are increasingly subject to “restrictive covenants”– confidentiality agreements, non-competes, and non-solicitation agreements — as a condition of employment. Pennsylvania courts will enforce these restrictions where, among other things, an employer can show that the restrictions are necessary to protect legitimate business interests and the length of time and geographic limitations are reasonable.

Attorneys John Stember and Jonathan Cohn have represented many individuals who are subject to non-competes and other restrictions on prospective employment. Negotiations and discussions with employers prior to litigation may allow you to continue working in your field. Where such an outcome is not possible, we litigate these disputes to either eliminate restrictions or limit them as much as possible.

If you are leaving a job where you have been subject to some form of restrictive covenant, if a potential employer insists that you agree to a restrictive covenant, or if your former employer wants to add a restrictive covenant to a severance or compensation agreement, we can advise you. If your former employer is threatening to keep you from working or has already sued you to enforce a restrictive covenant, we can defend you.

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