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Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Sexual harassment is a type of sex discrimination that violates federal, Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, and City of Pittsburgh law. These laws apply regardless of whether the victim is male or female, and regardless of the gender of the harasser.

There are to two types of sexual harassment. “Quid pro quo” harassment occurs when a harasser demands sexual favors in return for some form of benefit, such as a promotion, more favorable working conditions, increased salary, or protection from an adverse employment action. An employer be liable for “hostile environment” sexual harassment if it condones or tolerates offensive sexual comments, sexual innuendo, obscene humor, lewd remarks and language, or unwanted touching or sexual advances. Either co-workers or supervisors may be the source of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is a complex matter, and individuals who are subjected to sexual harassment react differently. Some people may (wrongly) blame themselves or tolerate the harassment for fear of retaliation; others may attempt to avoid the harasser by transferring to another position. All too frequently, employees decide to quit their job altogether.

If you are experiencing sexual harassment at work, it is imperative that you seek legal guidance from a sexual harassment lawyer about your rights and options. We have handled numerous sexual harassment complaints on behalf of men and women.
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