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The Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that protects private sector employees’ rights to pension, retirement, health care benefits, short-term and long-term disability, and in some cases, severance and other fringe benefits.

Under ERISA, benefit “plans” and the employers who sponsor them must:

  • provide employees with accurate and honest information about plan features and funding;
  • establish eligibility standards for participation in the plan and entitlement to benefits;
  • take on legal responsibility for management and control of plan assets; and
  • provide employees with procedures to challenge plan benefits determinations and denials, including the right to sue for benefits.

If you are a participant in an ERISA plan and you have a claim for pension, medical benefits, disability, or retiree healthcare, the procedures for appeal can be intimidating and confusing.  It is critical that you consult promptly with an attorney who concentrates in this complex area of the law.

We have decades of experience representing individual ERISA plan participants in internal plan proceedings (known as “administrative” proceedings) and federal court actions to recover retirement, healthcare, disability, and other employee benefits.  Attorneys John Stember and Jonathan Cohn have also been appointed to represent participants in ERISA class actions in federal cases across the country.

Simply put, many attorneys do not have the experience or familiarity with ERISA to provide adequate representation in an ERISA case.  If you have a legal matter that involves ERISA, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our ERISA attorneys.

ATTORNEYS:   Many ERISA cases we handle are referred by other lawyers in Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio.  If you are an attorney with a client who has an ERISA claim, please consider partnering with us.  We represent referred matters as we represent our own clients, and respect the fact that referred clients have a history of a positive working relationship with the referring attorney.  We can work with you on the case, or we can take the lead on representing any given matter, or even serve as local counsel.  We are flexible on fee arrangements, subject to the rules of the applicable jurisdiction.  Under any scenario, you will find us easy to work with and you can be confident that your client will be well represented.